You are unstoppable. Even during a pandemic.

It’s a nice sunny Sunday and I decided to make me some guacamole & boy did it turn out amazing! I was looking forward to it ‘cos I was making it after quite a long time. It took me back to the last few months when had I spent a lot of time at my parents’. My mom would refuse to order veggies on Amazon (so old school, I know), insist on going with me to the store (during the bloody pandemic — so wrong), and picks them ‘cos she preferred it a particular way — for me! She’d not allow the store staff to help her pick veggies (yes, she has a friendly neighborhood), not ‘cos she was being impolite to accept help, but ‘cos she wanted to pick nothing but the best! She’d spend time on the isle and feeeel the veggies to see if they are just right. She’d come home, diligently dice them & somehow after a bit, all the raw stuff would turn into a mouth-watering meal. She did this for as long as I was there. And each dish was an absolute stand out. Simple, yet delightful. She is my real life Nigella! I just adore how she makes love with the whole process of cooking — right from shopping for the veggies, all the way to what she puts into the pot!

Which got me thinking, I was yet to ever taste an average dish cooked by her! COVID or no COVID, the food always remained special. What she was using all along, was a secret ingredient called “Love”; unconditional love that made everything she cooked, just so darn good! What she was feeding me was not food, but wholesome love, even on the not so good days.

Logic doesn’t always work — if it did, a person who smokes would quit just by reading what’s on the pack! You see, there is such a thing called ‘emotional involvement’. For all you working peeps out there, while the situation could be grim outside, our love for what we do doesn’t change. Yes, COVID is a reality, yes you cannot see your team/friends every single day, yes there are uncertainties, yes your work life seems a lot different now, but what it cannot take away from you is the passion & love you have within for what you do.

Get your mojo back, give it your absolute best & the outcome will be as delicious as your mom’s home-cooked meal, I promise!

P.S: While you create a better version of yourself, do something for the society we live in!

Just one kind deed for one other living being a day — is all I ask.

Welcome the New Earth! We owe it to our creator.



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